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THe Plees index. Can a number HELP accellerate climate action?

(Image Credit: Stephanie Singleton for PLEES)

Who The PLEES Team:

Laurane Fréour, Paula Granero, Gwenaël Van Looveren, Tadeja Veršič

When Thursday 21.03.2024, 15:00-16:00 CET

Where Online

Register for the webinar here

There is an urgency to act collectively against global warming, as the recent IPCC report shows. Studies which meticulously crunch several Petabytes of data provided by climate models and observations have been provided to the public for years. Crossing a social tipping point of action appears to be one of the fastest ways to trigger change, yet the continuous increase of CO_2 suggests we may not reach it soon. Could an index help communicate to the public the projected climate change, by including its social consequences in the value itself? Could a single number help make the difference in climate action?

Join the webinar by Lecturers Without Borders hosting the PLEES team on the 21st of March to learn how the "pyramid of needs of Maslow", several climate projection scenarios, the World Bank data on global poverty and population and other data sources are combined into the PLEES index. In this interdisciplinary initiative the authors aim to raise awareness about the impact of climate change by informing people on the effect of climate change on their everyday life.

We specially invite the scientific community with a climate and social sciences background but also science communicators and interested citizens for their valuable feedback.

Relevant links: PLEES Website


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