Frequently Asked Questions
You will find below some of the questions we usually get from scientists and institutions that are considering joining our network. If you don't find the answers you're looking for, please feel free to contact us using the form below!
For potential lecturers
For educational institutions
FAQ: potential lecturers
How is LeWiBo different from other organizations, and how can I benefit from joining your network?
Lecturers Without Borders (LeWiBo) is a network of scientists that use their travelling opportunities (e.g. to attend conferences, on vacations, etc.) to provide free lectures in schools all over the world. Our main aim is to bring science to schools and to inspire a new generation of scientists.
By registering as a lecturer, you would not only get the possibility to contribute to the learning community by participating in lectures in schools around the world, but also will have the chance to meet other scientists with shared interests and enlarge your own professional network.
I won't be travelling anytime soon, shall I wait until I have planned trips to register?
Not at all! During the COVID-19 pandemic and due to the travel restrictions, most of our activities have moved online: we're currently offering webinars to the schools in our network and have recently opened a scientific conference (held online due to COVID-19) to more than 40 middle- and high-school around the globe.
We plan to continue offering our online lectures even after all this is over - which will hopefully happen soon! - so, if you would prefer to give lectures from your lab/office/home, you're more than welcome to do so!
What are lecturers' profiles? Shall I get one?
Lecturer profiles are our way to give proper credit to the scientists of our network for their work. They contain information about the lecturer that we think is important to share with the schools in our network (and with other scientists!). This includes: their affiliation, a short bio describing their background and current research topics and links to their professional profiles outside our website. Whenever a lecturer offers a webinar or participates in any of our activities, we provide a link to their profile for people to know more about them. Some profiles have already received hundreds of visits!
In order to get your own online profile (which is completely optional!), you'll have to opt in when registering with us. If you didn't give us the information upon registration, please follow this link to fill it out now!
How can I add a webinar to your webinar catalogue?
We have a special form to fill in order to propose a webinar for our catalogue. You will automatically receive it after registering with us, but if you prefer to fill it out now, here's the link!
We will ask you for a title for your webinar (as you would like the schools to see it! see some examples here), a short description and the recommended age of the targeted students.
Please note that adding a webinar to our catalogue does not mean that you will be obliged to give it anytime soon, it just means schools will be able to know about it and request it if they find it suitable for their curriculum. We will receive and process the requests we get from schools and check if you are available and willing to participate. We will respect your schedule - and accept without further questions if your answer is no.
Also, the format of the webinar would be adapted to your preference (e.g. a 30' talk followed by questions or a much shorter talk followed by a long Q&A session with free questions about "life a scientist").
Can I add more than one webinar to the catalogue?
Of course you can! You can fill out our Webinar form as many times as you wish. Just please make sure you always use your full name in order to link all webinars to the same lecturer profile!
I am not a researcher but I have a background in STEM subjects and still work as a STEM professional, can I register anyway?
Of course! Some of the lecturers in our network are not actively doing research anymore. If you have a background in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - and you think there's something you can share with students to understand better and develop some interest in these subjects, please register as a lecturer!
Do my webinars/lectures have to be in English or can I choose to give them in my native language instead?
Although the language we use for communicating with scientists is English, your webinars or lectures do not necessarily have to be in that language. If you feel more comfortable giving lectures in your native language and/or in any other language, you can tell us which languages you'd prefer to use when you fill out the form to register as a lecturer!
I have never done any outreach activities, can I still give a lecture in a school?
Of course you can! We'd be glad to help you make this an amazing first experience! If you prefer that we assist you in preparing your presentation, we can do that. But if you prefer to give it a try on your own, we will also provide you with feedback after your presentation in order to help you improve for future editions.
Our team is there for you!
Are there ways to contribute to the network other than giving lectures?
Sure! The most important thing you can do for us is to spread the word for other people that may want to join our network! You can find a few resources to help us here, along with a way to provide financial contributions if you choose to.
Also, from time to time we might contact you asking for help in events, like the scientific conference we opened to schools in 2020, in which we might need curation of material and/or other forms of scientific support.
FAQ: educational institutions
Who can register a school?
Any member of the staff of a school can be our contact person for that particular institution. It doesn't matter if you're a teacher (of any subject), a mentor or the principal of the school, you can choose to register in our database and you will be the one receiving our updates!
If afterwards there's another person from your same institution who would like to request a lecture, you can give them our contact information and they can email us or request a webinar using the form on our website.. and then simply add their email as a contact person for that particular event without needing to add more information about the school.
We are not a school but an educational center, can we still register with your project?
Of course you can! We have several types of educational institutions and organizations as partners. Some of them group several schools and help us a lot by reaching out to those schools that maybe don't yet know about our activities!

Please feel free to fill the registration form or contact us using the form at the bottom of this page if you have more questions or need any help.
Our school is very remote and probably it is hard to get to us, is it still possible to host a scientist?
The answer is YES. Not only because we offer a lot of online ressources and offer online live lectures, but also because scientists (in non-COVID conditions) travel a lot! So you never know who would come close to your place.

Moreover, maybe your school is situated just across the street from the home of a scientist! (for example, in Vzvad, a Russian town that you can only reach by river, we have contacts of both schools and scientists!)
Our school wants to arrange a lecture, do we have to be registered on the website?
While registering is not compulsory, we highly recommend you to do it! Filling the registration form will only take a few minutes and will allow us to personalize our offers for your institution and keep you posted on new events.

In any case -regardless of whether or not you're registered in our network - if you consult our webinar catalogue and see a webinar that you find interesting, you can request it by filling the webinar request form that appears at the bottom of the page.
We don't have many children but they are very motivated, can we still join? Is there a minimum group size to ask for a lecture?
There's no limit to the number of students that can participate in a lecture, although we might combine your group with another one if there's less than 10 students. Small or big, every group is welcome! So feel free to browse through our webinar catalogue or email us to get more information about our potential lectures!
We want to request a specific topic but we can't find such a webinar in your catalogue, does it make sense to ask for it?
It certainly does! Our webinar catalogue is under constant update, so many more lectures might be available that are still not posted there. Also, most of our scientists are experts in broad areas and could easily adapt their lectures to meet the needs of your institution, so please feel free to contact us by email and let us know exactly what it is you're looking for and we'll do our best to find a suitable speaker.
Is it possible to ask for a general lecture for children on what does it mean to be a scientist and how do scientists live?
Absolutely! And this is a perfect example of how our webinar catalogue might not be showing the complete picture. Most -if not all - of our scientists would be more than happy to participate in such an event!

Most students around the world finish high-school without ever meeting a scientist in real life. Their idea of what scientists are - what they do on a daily basis, what their interests are and even how they look and talk - sometimes comes exclusively from what they see on TV and social media. This can contribute to the propagation of certain stereotypes - e.g regarding gender, ethnicity and interests of scientists - and may lead to students thinking that pursuing a career in STEM is just not for them.

Our idea is to help scientists communicate their research while at the same time helping students meet real-life scientists: ask them questions about their research but also about their hobbies, their country of origin, their professional pathway.
So please feel free to contact us by email or using the form below to ask for such a lecture! We'd be more than happy to find a speaker.
My students are not fluent enough in English, can I request a lecture in another language?
For sure you can! Our scientists speak dozens of different languages and most of them will be more than happy to give a lecture in a language that the students will understand better... and even more so if it is their own mother tongue! So please do not hesitate to request a webinar or contact us by email to invite a scientist to your classroom, and select the desired language in the form :)
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