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Lewibo in the news

This page compiles all public appearances, publications and articles written by or about Lecturers Without Borders. If you want to discuss the possibility for an interview, an article or an academic publication, please contact us using the button below. 

media and journals

How Lecturers Without Borders shares the joy of science - Forbes Magazine, Jan 27, 2022


Clean energy for all: can sun and wind power our lives? - Science in Schools Journal, Issue 61, Jan 2023


From Online to Granada: Bringing Scientific Conferences to Schools - Europlanet Magazine, Issue 4, Jan 2023

conferences and events


Non-profit organisations as drivers of science outreach and citizen engagement - Session proposed and moderated by our CEO, Dr. E.Covernton, during the Science Summit of the UN General Assembly 2022


Lecturers Without Borders: removing barriers to STEM outreach - Scientix Conference, 4th edition, Nov 2022


Lecturers Without Borders: creating opportunities for science outreach - OpenSciComm Conference, Belgrade, Serbia, Nov 2022

academic publications


Inclusive STEM Learning Environments: Challenges and Solutions - Scientix Observatory, Feb 2023


Lecturers Without Borders: a driver of Science Outreach and Citizen Empowerment (under revision) - DMS

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