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April 2022 Open Lecture Line-Up

"Climate Change in the Classroom"


April 2022

We invite you to join us for these exciting new lectures...

"Climate change imaginarium" with Jenifer Wightman

Monday 4th of April, 1 PM CET

Language: English

Age range: 15+

Jenifer Wightman is a PhD candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY. She is also a research scientist specializing in greenhouse gas inventories and life cycle analysis of agriculture, forestry, waste, and bioenergy systems. Her art practice began in 2002 and employs scientific tropes to incite curiosity of biological phenomena and inform an ecological reflexivity.

"How can plants and soil help fight climate change?" with Timofey Chernov

Thursday the 14th of April, 3 PM CET

Language: Russian

Age range: 12+

Dr. Timofey Chernov is a biological sciences PhD, researcher and popularizer in the field of soil science, microbiology and ecology. His area of interest includes the interaction of climate, vegetation and agriculture with soil. He is particularly interested in exotic regions, such as the tundra, tropical forests or deserts.

"Engaging with the Anthropocene: which scientific approaches to guide students?"with Alexis Tantet & Joan Delort Ylla

Wednesday 20th of April, 2 PM CET

Language: English


Dr. Alexis Tantet is a researcher at LMD/IPSL and assistant professor at École Polytechnique in France. He studies climate variability and its impact on renewable energy systems. He is a member of the Écopolien and engages in scientific mediation activities about climate change, energy and political ecology.

Joan Delort Ylla is a PhD student at École Polytechnique at LMD/IPSL. His research deals with the climate-energy nexus, with a focus on the integration of renewable energies in power systems. He also has an expertise in geothermal energy and carbon capture and storage technologies. He is a member of the Écopolien collective and engages in scientific mediation and action around political ecology.

"An introduction to climate change" with Beniamino Abis

Friday 22nd of April, 10 AM CET

Language: English

Age range: 10+

Dr. Beniamino Abis is an expert in the field of Earth Observation with a background in mathematics and a PhD on the dynamics of the boreal forest with respect to climate change. He is currently working on the EarthCARE mission, a joint venture between ESA and JAXA, to allow scientists to study the relationship between clouds, aerosols and radiation.


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