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"Challenges in cross-border education" at Learning Planet

Lecturers without Borders are really happy to invite you to the session on Challenges in cross-border education at the Learning planet festival.


25th January (Tuesday) at 5pm CET - 6h30pm CET

More information about our session here

Who are the speakers of the session?

We will be discussing with people from 3 international organisations:

Ana Faustino from Falling Walls Foundation

Rachel Warwick from Professors without borders

Albin Salazar from Home association

More information about each speaker and organisation you will find in the session here

What are the main questions of our session?

The event unites people to discuss and collect their experiences on education practices in cross-border projects. We are going beyond discussions of education during recent covid19 crisis, aiming at collecting general country-specific obstacles, such as governmental regulations, cultural differences.

After sharing some learnings from our speakers of the session we will open up for the Round table discussions.


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