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Highlights of EPSC Goes Live For Schools 2022

Students from various local schools had the unique opportunity to interact one-to-one with several planetary scientists. All the sessions were well-attended, and we received glowing feedback from participants.

Thank you to all our participating scientists:

Álvaro Folhas, Noah Jäggi, Daniel Le Corre, Javier Eduardo Suarez Valencia, Hans Huybrighs, Beatrice Baschetti, Marc Rovira Navarro, José Eduardo Silva, Lennart R. Baalmann, Safoura Tanbakouei, Alvaro del Moral, Juan Angel Vaquerizo, Michael Küppers, Giovanni Poggiali, Jaume Puig, Beatriz Sanchez-Cano, Federica Duras and Livia Giacomini.

We appreciate you!


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