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LeWiBo at the UNGA!

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

On Wednesday, 28 September 2022, LeWiBo CEO, Eugenia Covernton, will be convening a session at the UNGA Science Summit, titled, "Non-profit organisations as drivers of Science Outreach and Citizen Empowerment". This session aims to present examples of non-profits working all around the world. The goal: working towards a transformation of the ways of doing and communicating science, along with the empowerment of citizens to search for solutions to their personal/local challenges, and their active engagement in contributing to global ones.

The session will be organised around round-table discussions, to disseminate information about existing initiatives to promote collaborations between stakeholders.

You are invited! Details as follows:

Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Time: 2pm to 4pm EDT

Topic: Non-profit organisations as drivers of Science Outreach and Citizen Empowerment

Register HERE.

Registration is free, and you can register for up to 10 colleagues


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