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Open Lecture Series 2022: April and May Highlights

During April and May, LeWiBo delivered six additional online lectures as part of the "Climate Change in the Classroom" Open Lecture Series for 2022. In total, we have hosted 11 online lectures in the Series since it launched in March 2022.

As per usual, each lecture offered students the unique opportunity to engage 'one-to-one' with a working scientist, during the Q&A session following the lecture. Not only did students ask questions relating to the various aspects of climate change, but each of the scientists shared some words of wisdom relating to their career path and subject choices while still at school.

Among others, students asked Dr Beniamino Abis, who delivered a lecture titled An Introduction to Climate Change, "What subjects one should be good at to become a scientist?" According to Dr Abis:

The most important is that you need to be curious, passionate, and committed to getting the answers, and staying committed to the research...

All the lectures from the 2022 Open Lecture Series are now available on demand. You can access them HERE. All content is free of charge, and suitable for students of various ages, as well as in a variety of languages, including English and French.


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