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Open webinar for teachers: August, 2 2021

Lecturers without Borders invite teachers, educators, parents, scientists to take part in our open webinar titled "STEM Education: Challenges and Opportunities of the XXI century".


Monday,August 2nd

3pm UTC

17:00 Italy

20:30 India

12:00 Arg

What to expect?

Scientists/Educators from around the world will be sharing their pedagogical initiatives and methods in a round-table discussion about their experience using new innovative tools to help students embrace and practice the most important skills of our century.


Barbara Callerani - Italy. STEM is an innovativeteaching approach to science disciplines. Thismethod brings the knowledge learned from bookscloser to the reality around us, leading students tofind multiple solutions to real problems. A greatway to prepare students for the competitive andchallenging world they will face after school.


Pankaj Jain - India. To educate is to enable eachindividual to fulfil their potential: to be, to grow, tobecome. Working with teachers and schoolmanagements, S2S aims to implement an inquiry-driven constructivist pedagogy in their classroomswith customised-programs developed for schoolsto impart 21st-century skills.


Gabriel Gellon - Argentina. Fenomenautas is anonline platform of educational resources forscience classes that offers free downloadabledidactical sequences, fully adaptable to hybrideducation. We propose to put students in theleading role of their thinking, seeking to examinethe connections between ideas and phenomena.

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