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Our geography in late 2021

During this fall we had many events scheduled within our "EPSC 2021 goes online for schools" program. However, it was not the only project we were dealing with lately.

Lately this year our geography included such countries as Georgia, Bolivia, Belarus, Brazil, USA, Italy, Greece and some others.

To give you some insights here are just several examples of our latest activities:

In November 2021 a scientist from Brazil gave a lecture on VR for high school students from Tbilisi, Georgia.

In November and December 2021 scientists from Europe, based in France and Spain gave two lectures for an educational association in Bolivia. The subjects were biology and STEM.

In November 2021 scientists from Russia and the USA gave two lectures for elementary school students on biology and astrobiology.

In December we have more lectures to come including a lecture with a scientist from Germany for a high school in Italy.

Join our network or stay with us to be a part of the community and cross-cultural network full of science and joy.

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