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this september open your classroom to a planetary science conference

Updated: May 2

EPSC GOES LIVE for schools 2024 / 4th edition

during the epsc yearly conference, berlin will become a travelling hotspot for scientists. we bring them in contact with classrooms in Berlin and beyond.

It's been 4 years since the first edition of "EPSC goes live for schools". From the online edition due to the pandemic lockdown we came a long way and in the following years we managed to add on-site components, thus fulfilling the main aim of Lewibo: Give the opportunity to travelling scientists to share their knowledge with the local community of schools, creating a temporary hotspot of sharing science!

And we are doing it again with the help of our valuable partners: Europlanet Society, EPEC, DLR_School_Lab Berlin, MINToring program, Freie Universität Berlin and Scientix. During the two weeks of 9th-20th September 2024 get ready to explore the planets of our solar system, to learn the latest in planetary science, but also to ask your questions to early career researchers in chats and more.

If your school is located in Berlin you have the opportunity for a scientist to visit you and even host an art-workshop after the scientist's visit and create a stop-motion movie on the spot (STEAM Lecture).

Some of the organised activities include:

"Cosmic interviews" where students meet researchers in person (on-site)

STOP-motion movie creation with berliner artist Carolina Boettner (on-site)

Presenting educational Resources to teachers (online)

Asychronous Q&A in online chats on planetary science with early career researchers (online)

planetary science webinars (online)

ART CONTEST #Inspiredbyotherworlds (online)

The Art Contest #inspiredbyotherworlds is already open for registration to students in all locations. Learn more on the Europlanet webpage.

Languages supported:

The events will be held in german or english.

Would you like to join EPSC24 goes live with your class?

  • For Teachers: Register your interest here by 15th of June and become part of a lively community this September! According to your location (in Berlin or elsewhere) we will send you the on-site or online programme of activities.

  • For Researchers who travel to EPSC24: During your abstract submission make sure to tick the box "Yes, I would like to participate in Outreach activities" and you will be contacted afterwards for details.


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