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Video and report of our event with ProWiBo

On June 2nd we organized an event called "Rebooting STEM: new era, new curriculum". You can watch the recording of the event here and read a report (prepared by ProWiBo) here.

The conference was composed of two panels: ’Improving Soft Skills in STEM’, and ’Ethics and Credibility in STEM’.

PANEL 1. Improving Soft Skills in STEM

This panel was moderated by Dr. Eugenia Covernton. The panel included Prof. Meenakshi Narain from Brown University in the US, Nikolena Christofi, PhD student from IR Saint Exupéry in France, Dr. Pankaj Jain, co-founder of Seed2Sapling Education in India and Tram Ahn Nguyen, co-founder of the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship in the UK.

PANEL 2. Ethics and Credibility in STEM

This panel was moderated by Victor Warlop, engineering student studying nanomaterials at Stanford University. The panel included Oliver Geffen from the UK, epidemiologist and co-lead of Imperial College’s online COVID-19 course, Dr. Peter James, postdoctoral research fellow with a background in Pharmacology and Public Health at Southern Cross University in Australia, Dr. Raj Kumar, material science engineer lecturing at Stanford University in the US and Dr. Melissa Sterry, transdisciplinary design scientist based in the UK.


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