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Webinar "How do we know the age of Earth"

Do you know how figure skating is connected to the creation of planets? We know because we have listened to the lecture of Georgy Makhatadze for the high school students in the Ukraine. It was another great and inspiring lecture that was hold recently within the Lecturers without borders framework. Georgy Makhatadze took the floor to give a webinar for 20+ high school students who were participating in the AstroFights national competition. The lecture was titled “How do we know the age of the Earth?” Isotope geochronology relies on the fact that radioactive decay depends on time. This allows us to date objects with radioactivity by studying the products of the decay. But the Earth is too complex of an object to measure it's age directly so we need to get creative and instead of studying the Earth itself we studied meteorites. How come in order to understand our own planet we need to study something from space? During the interactive webinar students received not only the theory but also a practical case to solve. We thank Georgy for his contribution to our project and the school for taking part in it.The lecture is also available in English and can be arranged in any other country for English speaking students..


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