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AI Literacy thematic week

Updated: May 9

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What is the bigger picture?

773 million people in the world are illiterate. Even more people are digitally illiterate UNESCO reports. UNESCO also reported that over 617 million children and adolescents were not achieving minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics.

What do we do?

Addressing illiteracy is a huge field on its own. We start by bridging the AI gap in the communities we can access. We create educative programs on the basic computer science behind AI, using explainable AI and digital art approaches.

What is the format?

Seminars, participatory lectures.

Review Process: To ensure the quality and relevance of presentations, we will be conducting an open review process using Google Slides during the weeks preceding the event. This will allow for constructive feedback from peers and experts in the field, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for our audience, particularly the students.

How can I participate?

We started already by organising the first week in May 10th-25th in collaboration with Afghan Girls Success Gate.

Computer scientists and AI scientists who would be interested in joining future editions of the Thematic Week in AI Literacy by giving one of the lectures, please reach out to us at with the subject "AI Literacy thematic week".

Thank you!


We invite you to comment on the following presentations with your constructive feedback. This enables our community to shape and improve the presentations.


Presentation slides

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Hatem, Lewibo member

Chung-Fan, Lewibo member


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