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Lecture series in kazakhstan

Lewibo brings planetary and computer science to schools in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan may be far for most of our scientists to travel to, so we bring them with online lectures to school students in the country!

During the week 12th-16th February get ready to explore planets of our solar system but also to learn how artificial intelligence and computer science are transforming the world around us.

Would you like to join?

Please register separately for each lecture:

Monday 12 February 11:00-11:45 AM Astana Time Zone

Revolutionizing Excellence: Unleashing AI in the Digital Age

Wednesday 14th February 18:00-18:45 Astana Time Zone

Exploring Mars: the Geology and Astrobiology Perspective

Thursday 15th February 19:00-19:45 Astana Time Zone

Future Human Settlements on the Moon and Mars


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